8 cops hurt in clash with protesters

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A doll lies on the road barricaded by German riot police near Bad Doberan yesterday. Leaders from the world's major industrialized nations meet in the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm on June 6-8 for a Group of Eight (G8) summit. Reuters

Anti-capitalist protesters clashed with police, injuring eight, as they tried to blockade routes to a Group of Eight summit in eastern Germany, police said.

Police used water cannons to push back demonstrators.

Police spokesman Luedger Behrens said eight officers were injured during the clashes with protesters near Bad Doberan. Police "used water cannons twice after demonstrators bombarded police with stones," he said.

Protesters northeast of the town of Bad Doberan were trying to block access to the luxury hotel in Heiligendamm where the G8 leaders were due to meet.

Dozens of protesters blocked a historic steam train being used to shuttle journalists between the summit venue and a media centre several kilometres away.

Organizers then tried to arrange a boat transfer along the coast for the journalists, but protesters blocked that as well.

Behrens said roughly 10,000 protesters were violating a ban on demonstrations in the area around the summit venue and risked being detained.

Some 16,000 security personnel are in the area for the summit. The leaders are shielded from thousands of demonstrators by a 12-km fence topped with barbed wire.

Several hooded and masked protesters had clippers and were cutting through barbed wire police had laid near the fence.

Some demonstrators used trees and rocks to block the main access road to the resort. Police said they were shuttling in reinforcements to Bad Doberan by helicopter.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has made climate change the center piece of Germany's G-8 leadership - was using the hours before the start of the summit to champion agreement at the summit.

She is pushing specific targets for reduction of the carbon emissions believed to cause global warming, including a "2-degree" target under which global temperatures would be allowed to increase by no more than 2 C before being brought back down.

Practically, experts have said, that means a global reduction in emissions of 50 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. Merkel supports a global carbon-trading market as one tool.


(China Daily 06/07/2007 page2)

8 cops hurt in clash with protesters(Over)
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