Northeast Errenzhuan

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Northeast Errenzhuan is a form of duet, also known as Bengbeng. It originated in Northeast China's Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongiiang provinces. It is a form of Quyi that involves storytelling, singing and dancing between two performers.

Errenzhuan has a history of over 200 years and absorbed other artistic elements of the northeast dagu Lianhualao, ping, and Hebei clapper performances. Its script is written in popular language that is easy to understand, humorous, and rich in local life style and flavor. The vocal music is based on that of northeastern folk songs. The singing is high-spirited and of an explosive type, sincere and moving. The dancing is derived from farmers' dances done to celebrate sowing and planting. It also features the folk dance techniques of waving fans or silk handkerchiefs.

There are three kinds of Errenzhuan. The most important is the duet sung by a clown and a performer who plays the role of a woman. It is part song, part dance, and part storytelling. The most prominent plays include The Western Bower and The Blue Bridge. The second type is a solo, in which the player sings and dances, such as Hong Yue'e Had a Dream. In the third type the actor sings the part of a woman or an old man, as in an opera. This is called Lachangxi. An example is Lord Bao Gong Makes an Apology.

The duet performance is characterized by its humor and strong local Northeastern Chinese accent. They perform speaking and singing, singing and dancing. The performance is broken up into four skills and one stunt. Four skills refer to "singing", "speaking", "doing" and "dancing"; one stunt is the acrobatic handling of handkerchiefs, fans or boards. The performers can show the audience all kinds of shapes and artistic conceptions using the stage sets.

New programs have appeared during the past several decades, with innovative tunes, varied accompanying instruments, such as the Yangqin, and lute together with drums, gongs and cymbals, and more colorful stage sets as well as costumes.

Errenzhuan embodies the essence of the life of the common man in Northeast China. It is created by the countrymen and performed for the purpose of entertainment. The performers can perform Errenzhuan in any situation or scene, whether in the field or at home.

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