Macy: Lateness doesn't become Lohan

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When it comes to tardiness, William H. Macy follows the golden rule. Do unto under-the-gun film crews as you'd have them do unto you.

"You can't show up late," the Emmy winner said Thursday at a Los Angeles press junket for his new film, Everyone's Hero. "It's very, very disrespectful."

So let that be a lesson to you, Lindsay Lohan.

"I think what an actor has to realize [is that] when you show up an hour late, 150 people have been scrambling to cover for you," Macy said when asked about Bobby costar Lohan's usual check-in time. The two share a scene together in the Emilio Estevez-directed drama about the 16 hours leading up to Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in 1968.

"There is not an apology big enough in the world to have to make 150 people scramble. It's nothing but disrespect. And Lindsay Lohan is not the only one. A lot of actors show up late as if they're God's gift to the film. It's inexcusable. They should have their asses kicked."

Habitual lateness may not just be a problem for Lohan but, according to Macy, despite his opinion that she's a huge talent, "she was pretty late" all the same.

A studio spokesperson declined comment.

In Bobby, Macy plays the manager of the Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was shot, and Lohan plays a young bride to be who's marrying her boyfriend's brother ( Elijah Wood) to keep the lad out of Vietnam.Anthony Hopkins, Heather Graham, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Martin Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Helen Hunt, Joshua Jackson, Christian Slater and Estevez also star. 

The questions swirling around Lohan's work ethic are, of course, more fallout from the public finger-wagging she received from Morgan Creek CEO James G. Robinson, who criticized the 20-year-old in a letter that got published on the Smoking Gun Website for acting like a "spoiled child" and for "displaying "discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional" behavior on the set of her latest film, Georgia Rule.

Robinson blamed "ongoing all night heavy partying" for Lohan's late arrivals and absences, surmising that her "so-called exhaustion" was a result of too much club-hopping, rather than from heat or any other uncontrollable circumstance.

Dina Lohan, the actress' mom, immediately snapped to attention, calling Robinson's communique "way out of line." While she admitted that production had to be postponed at one point to accommodate her daughter's tardiness, Dina Lohan repeated that her little girl had, in fact, been treated for heat exhaustion the day before Robinson put his thoughts on paper.

"I worry about these young kids," said Macy, whose wife, Felicity Huffman, costars with Lohan in Georgia Rules and agrees that the girl can definitely act. "Fifteen, 18, 20 years old--who in the span of one year become millionaires and powerhouses. It's too much power for a kid that age to handle."

However, you probably wouldn't be in a hurry to get to the set, either, if flowers from an unwelcome admirer were going to be awaiting you. Earlier this month it was reported that Lohan was getting bouquets and letters from a man trying to persuade the Mean Girls star to contact him, prompting studio security to post a memo on the gate reading: "One of our actresses has a stalker."

What with the alleged stalker and getting her BlackBerry and voicemail hacked into, it's a wonder she makes it out of the house at all.


Macy: Lateness doesn't become Lohan(Over)
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