Successful games start with volunteers

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A plan was released Wednesday that outlined key tasks that the Beijing Olympic Committee (BOCOG) needs to do in order to have the best possible personnel available for the Olympic games now less than 14 months away.

A key element to make the Games successful is the volunteers. Xin Tieliang, deputy director of the Organization Department outlined this at the press conference.

Volunteers will be supervised by the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League. There will be 100,000 volunteers at the Games, most of who are recent university graduates. Other volunteers include 500 from Hong Kong, Macao and other foreign countries.

One reporter asked if BOCOG would help the university graduates find jobs after the Olympics. An official replied that while volunteers would receive special training prior to the Games, BOCOG would give them special recommendations to help them in their job hunting.

Tourism will also play a major role, and a tourism team will be in charge of managing the number of visitors that the Games will bring. The Municipal Tourism Administration will train 55,000 people, including recent university graduates who majored in hotel management.

The Beijing Action Plan of Olympic Human Resources, distributed by several Olympic bodies, created 17 departments that will have specific responsibilities including foreign affairs, traffic, public health, tourism and volunteers.

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