Students ordered to dance into new semester

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China's Ministry of Education has ordered all students in primary and secondary schools around the country to learn to dance and to perform a dance every day at school starting from the new term beginning on September 1.

Students dance during a break in a high school in Beijing. []
Boys and girls in senior high schools will be required to learn and to dance the Waltz.

The ministry will promote the adoption of seven sets of student group dances nationwide in the coming semester, Beijing Morning Post reported today.

The ministry said that the time for dancing will be during class breaks or in extra-curricular physical exercise time.

The dances won't take the place of physical exercises during the break but will be an addition to existing exercise forms. Each set of dances will last four to five minutes and schools can map out the time for students to dance one or several sets, the report said.

The seven designated dances are "Good Friends," "Sunny Campus", "Little White Boat" for primary schools; "Youth Melody" and "The Yangge Dance" for junior high schools and "The Young" and "The Waltz" for senior high schools, the report said.

The ministry began training dancing instructors this month. The first set of sample performances had been put on video discs and will be sent out to provincial education departments. Each province will call up teachers to learn the dances.

The ministry said that it took two years for experts to create the group dances and to make them appropriate to the physical and mental characteristics of the different age groups of the students.

The ministry plans to bring out a new set of group dances every two years, the report said.

The ministry has ordered students in primary and secondary schools to work out in physical exercises for an hour every day.

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