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Vice premier Huang Ju's remains cremated
Chinese students wrap up visit in Japan
China calls for more testing of exports
China launches drive for food and drug safety
China Eastern to sell stake to Temasek
Confidence urged in stock market
Scientists: Oolong tea helps you lose weight
Central banks warn of China economy risk
Natural disasters kill 65 Chinese this year
College entrance exams make or break in China
Amazon buys out China online shopping platform
Coca-Cola funds river conservation
Environmentalists praise new plan
SEPA: Pollution picture to brighten
Leaders pay last respects to Huang
US doesn't back Games boycott plan
US Missile defense 'harms stability'
Premier promises rapid response to quake
FM: China committed to ACD goals
Central bank mulls monetary policy
Breakthrough on new energy source
Water quality to be improved
Disney steams into China with venture-capital firm
Paulson says SED meeting with China yields tangible results
Lu Yongxiang calls for closer cooperation with Russia
Chinese company helps Kuwait to rebuild Boubyan Island
Stock accounts shrink as market tumbles
Endangered China ibises lose taste for wild life
'French Spiderman' expelled from China
China warns US may set off arms race
Ministry slams quality of China's MP3 players
China voices opposition to US missile shield
Chinese stocks rebound in late-day rally
Stressed parents "drug" children for exams
China stocks rebound in wild fluctuation
Soldier death from bird flu confirmed
China to raise interest rates again - survey
China shares volatile in early trade
Ministry warns of peak season of blue-ear pig disease
Hu's visit sure to be fruitful: Swedish king
Outbound investment to top US$60b by 2010
Pollution teaches the importance of elixir of life
China: G8 summit is not a platform for exerting pressure
Hu to enunciate propositions on climate change at G8
China defends its role in Africa ahead of G8
Western glaciers to disappear by 2100
UN praises China on climate
China bars new Internet cafes
HIV infections up sharply among women in China
China stocks tumble in record drop
China unveils program on global warming
More women suffer from HIV/AIDS in China
Ministry: Pig-killing disease behind pork price rise
China's NPC delegation leaves for Russia visit
Students ordered to dance into new semester
2/3 Chinese OK on pre-marital sex
China sends 400 Mandarin teachers to Thailand
Wen: China willing to promote ties with Venezuela
NPC vice-chairman condemns wasteful use of energy
China's Per capita milk consumption 5/1 of world average
Top legislator speaks highly of Sino-Venezuelan ties
China relaxes QFII rules for more foreign investment
China to negotiate with EU on shoe trade
China blitzed by meteorological disasters in 2006
Minister: China still plagued by excessive investment growth
Venezuela to export 500,000 barrels of oil to China per day
US$600m spent on free education for rural students
US gov't donates US$250,000 to typhoon-hit areas
China vows to deepen telecom cooperation with Spain
Typhoons leave 15m homeless, cause US$3.6b in losses
Vice governor of E. China province removed from post
U.S. airlines compete for China-U.S. flights
Beijing tops list of per-capita monthly income in July
China spruces up Tian'anmen Gate
Inventors need investment and IPR protection
Kodak absent from public hearing as customers express their anger
Air China and Cathay blaze path for expansion
China tells tour guides to rein in rude tourists
Futures trade enhances fuel oil price fixing
China ecological environment worsening
Water level in largest fresh water lake drops sharply
China strengthens civil aviation procedures
China reports 11 pct annual growth of retail sales
Students spend summer holiday trading faces
PLA holds high-technolgy war exercise
Efforts urged to curb energy consumption, pollution
China plans military hotline with US
China to create jobs for zero-employment households
US, China to set up defense hot line soon
Defense budget true and authentic
Local authorities, businesses urged to help create jobs
UN chief praises China's role in Darfur
Meet senior officials, enjoy Children's Day
Officials ousted for luxurious buildings
China ranks 60th on index of peace
Water better, but not drinkable
Chinese Vice Premier Huang Ju dies
China orders weeding out of corrupt bank officials
National action plan on climate change
Li Changchun: better art works needed for children
Sanctions on Sudan will hurt peace efforts -China
China to maintain minimum purchase price for wheat
10 million sit two-day exam
Private equity funds should be encouraged: banker
China opposes US resolution on Darfur
College entrance exams make or break
New monistering system launched as Gaokao opens
China, Kazakhstan vow to boost energy cooperation
Should "gaokao" be moved due to heat?
China, US agree to deepen parliamentary exchanges
China wants role of NGOs better defined
Ambassador highlights China-Sweden ties
Pork price drops, egg price keep rising
US music man: China the next huge thing
China committed to peaceful use of outer space
Greater role for private-equity fund urged
China, Costa Rica set up diplomatic ties
MOH launches diabetes program
People okay with premarital sex: Survey
HK Basic Law 'guarantees democracy'
Tighter checks to ensure export quality
It is a big challenge to close small coal mines
President in Germany for G8 meet
Gaokao pioneers: Don't make a fuss
Outreach sessions a regular feature
Nation helps neighbors fight outbreak
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