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Japan loses whale bid at U.N. wildlife trade talks [Asia-Pacific]
Indonesia worries over latest bird flu virus samples [Asia-Pacific]
Putin's challenge to West puts him and G-8 at odds [Europe]
Cyclone Gonu forces evacuations in Oman [Asia-Pacific]
Bush, Merkel far apart on climate change [Europe]
Malaysia PM will remarry, stuns nation [Newsmaker]
Scientists plan stem cell cure for blindness [Health]
Cyclone Gonu's winds blast Oman coast [Middle East]
American taxpayer: "New World Order" is a joke [Comment from Readers]
Libby sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison [America]
Sheep nibble garbage on World Environment Day [Center]
Castro looks healthier in TV interview [Photo]
Climate change battle could spell new disasters [Europe]
Putin warns of retaliation against US anti-missile plan [Video]
EU head: US anti-missile shield should be decided by NATO, EU [World Reaction]
Bush: Cold War is over [Europe]
Bush arrives in Germany for G8 summit [Europe]
McCain, Brownback didn't read Iraq NIE [America]
British women prefer chocolate to sex - poll [Health]
Heavy security surrounds G8 talks [Europe]
Security tightened as German resort embraces G8 summit [Europe]
Oman on high alert to tackle tropical cyclone Gonu [Asia-Pacific]
Slovenia, Sweden call for compromise on EU constitution [Europe]
No survivor found in Lake Michigan plane crash [America]
Cuba's Castro brothers accept invitation to visit Vietnam [Asia-Pacific]
Mushroom found in amber is 100 million years old [Center]
Hundreds demonstrate in southern Russian city [Europe]
Iranian President: 'too late' to stop nuclear program [Middle East]
Senior UN official to visit Africa for consultations over Somalia [Africa]
Europeans favor Galileo program [Europe]
Three Iraqi soldiers killed in bomb attack [Middle East]
UN chief marks 40th anniversary of 1967 Arab-Israeli war [Middle East]
Coffee may lower liver cancer risk [Center]
Palestinians sad, Israelis proud on war anniversary [Middle East]
US dropping bombs on Iraq at twice last year's rate [America]
Czech opposition differs with Bush on radar issue [Europe]
France has no immediate plans to pull out of Afghanistan [Europe]
Bush says he will strive for visa abolition for Czechs [Europe]
Ukraine leader calls election, adversaries doubtful [Europe]
Car bomb near Iraqi city of Falluja kills 19 [Middle East]
Suspect in JFK airport plot surrenders in Trinidad [America]
Corporate CEOs hopeful about economy [America]
Medical plane crashes in Lake Michigan [America]
Mass Holocaust grave found in Ukraine [Europe]
Former White House aide Libby to go to jail [America]
Virginia Tech to reopen Norris Hall [America]
Bush: Russians have derailed reforms [America]
At least 11 killed in Australia train crash [Asia-Pacific]
Climate change threatens to worsen disasters [Europe]
Britain channel defiant over Diana crash pics [Europe]
Female suicide bomber foiled in Baghdad [Middle East]
Bush: Russia shouldn't fear US defense [America]
Rice to Putin: Europe and the US cannot be divided [America]
US needs Kyrgyz base to fight Taliban: Gates [Asia-Pacific]
Czech citizens wary of US missile system [Europe]
Rice tells Putin: Europe, US cannot be divided [US]
Avaya OKs $8.2B private equity buyout [America]
US stocks eke out gain after China drop [America]
Ringtones used to catch leopards [Odd News]
Anti-US protest in Prague [Europe]
Strikers have new gripe - no sex [Odd News]
Mike Tyson wants to do Bollywood movies [Newsmaker]
6th ACD Foreign Ministers' meeting [Photo]
Ginseng shows benefit in cancer treatment [Health]
Judges at Guantanamo throw out 2 cases [America]
Chemo and surgery may help colon cancer [Health]
Hilton completes first night in LA jail [Newsmaker]
"Paris Hilton" in jail dress [Center]
19 Mexican soldiers jailed in deaths [America]
Germany in dilemma over emissions cut [Europe]
Clinton: Faith got me past marital woes [America]
US: Putin's comments on missile defense plan "not helpful" [US]
US, Iraqi troops control only a third of Baghdad [Middle East]
Putin attacks West ahead of G-8 summit [Europe]
Plot shows dangers of mundane targets [America]
Scientists find 24 species in Suriname [America]
Stocks dip after China stock plunge [America]
Surrogate father [Photo]
Study: Music, tech search terms riskiest [America]
Russia warns US on missile defense [Europe]
Report: US drive in Baghdad falters [America]
Japan PM speaks to Miss Plum [Center]
Kangaroos to return to habitat [Photo]
Video: Bush outlines climate change strategy [Europe]
Putin meets with media from G8 countries [Photo]
Landscape and destiny of European security [Video]
Amnesty: Watchdog needed for Israel [Middle East]
Paris Hilton checks into L.A. jail [Newsmaker]
Ask Them Why: Good fences make good neighbors [Comment from Readers]
Iran: US missile defense plan 'joke' [Middle East]
Crash in Sierra Leone kills at least 20 [Africa]
Castro looks strong in rare video image [America]
Man beats hot dog eating record [Odd News]
feng: US initiated the arms race [Comment from Readers]
Democrats clash on Iraq, health care [America]
Japanese policeman stabbed self to avoid work [Asia-Pacific]
Study: Liver cancer breakthrough found [Health]
Russia nixes sanctions against Iran [Middle East]
Snake on train gives railway nightmare [Odd News]
Texas man foils burglary in Britain [Odd News]
Indian eatery drops Hitler from name [Odd News]
Nude fountain bather defies police [Odd News]
India protests Dutch for flight handle [Asia-Pacific]
Annan to call for EU peacekeeping troops [Europe]
DNA proves missing Austrian girl's ID [Asia-Pacific]
Five detained over ringing phones [Odd News]
Brother: Karr didn't kill JonBenet [America]
Young offenders' camp [Photo]
Indian court upholds ban on Coke, Pepsi drinks [Asia-Pacific]
Israel buys 2 nuclear-capable submarines [Middle East]
Bollywood actor: I am not dead [Asia-Pacific]
Russia: Too early to talk of sanctions against Iran [Middle East]
Experts: Bird flu may be endemic in Indonesia [Photo]
Most Israelis want PM to quit - poll [Middle East]
US FDA eases limits on morning-after pill [Center]
'The Sound of Music' descendents [Center]
Vietnamese robber hid for 20 years as policeman [Asia-Pacific]
Japan: N.Korean nuclear test would be a threat [Asia-Pacific]
Stage set for Italy banks to consolidate [Wall Street Journal Exclusive]
Daily letters from USA Today writer in Iran [Newsmaker]
Former president: Pressure on Iran creating another crisis [Middle East]
Ignorance hampers Indonesia's bird flu fight [Asia-Pacific]
Israel adds 2 nuclear-capable submarines [Top News]
Killer whales settle disputes like humans [Top News]
Poll: Majority of Britons feel threatened by Islam [Europe]
Widow of Pluto discovering astronomer 'shook up' over its demotion [America]
Mexico tourist city in grip of political unrest [America]
Marathoners should drink when thirsty [Health]
Yellow jackets more venomous than others [Health]
Infrared ligh to warm up athletes [Health]
Cell phone taking over as timepiece [Center]
Seniors find nurtured 'weed' is pot [America]
Support slips further for Israel's Olmert - poll [Middle East]
Elderly less likely to wake to smoke alarm [Health]
US helicopters thwart attack on Baghdad's Green Zone [Center]
Hamas wounds four Israeli soldiers in mortar attack [Center]
Experts: Katrina death toll still rising [America]
German protestors clash with riot police [Photo]
Protesters, police clash after Rostock anti-G8 demo [Europe]
Iran official backs temporary marriage [Middle East]
Hamas may be open to truce with Israel [Middle East]
Litvinenko widow: my husband was no double agent [Europe]
Civilian death toll in Iraq spikes in May [Middle East]
US Feds foil JFK terror plot, arrest 3 [America]
Gates optimistic about relations with China [America]
Report: US hits militants' Somali base [America]
Mortar attacks kill 8 in Baghdad [Middle East]
Boat sinks crossing Afghan river; 60 die [Asia-Pacific]
Boat capsizes in Uganda, 30 drown [Africa]
'60 die' as Afghan boat sinks [Asia-Pacific]
Opposition pushes Russian ex-PM for president [Europe]
BBC hostage in Gaza 'treated very well' [Europe]
Swiss synagogue fire caused by arson [Europe]
Sunni fighters take on Qaeda in Baghdad [Middle East]
FDA: avoid toothpaste made in China [America]
Gore: Bush greenhouse summit plan 'smoke and mirrors' [America]
Eurozone unemployment declines to record low in April [Europe]
Cal.allows gay conjugal visits in prisons [America]
Eiffel Tower hosts diving lessons [Europe]
American students lose diplomas over cheers [America]
Bush demands Iran release Americans [America]
2,100 year-old melon found [Asia-Pacific]
Detroit expects half of Iraqi refugees [America]
Inmates stabbed in Md. prison yard fight [America]
Lebanese army battles militants in camp [Middle East]
Biggest passenger jet lands in Paris [Europe]
Experts: Al-Qaida boosts video offensive [Middle East]
Ancient tomb discovered in Egypt [Africa]
Idea of new EU health strategy gains support [Europe]
Bush hails missile defense program [America]
Israeli army fire kills two Palestinians [Middle East]
U.S., Iraq troops clash with insurgents [Middle East]
Top Bush aide leaving White House [America]
"Dr. Death" out of prison after 8 years [America]
Children frolic with buffalos [Center]
Man sues over lasting erection
Bush, Putin ready for one-on-one meeting
Teen finds 2.93-carat diamond along path
Escalating Violence in Iraq [Photo]
Report: 39 secretly imprisoned by US [America]
Ford wins most vehicle quality awards [America]
Immigration deal survives Senate threat [America]
Cyclone hammers Oman; veers toward Iran [Middle East]
1,600 roller-shoe injuries reported in US [Health]
Man amputates his own leg [Odd News]
G8 summit mixed with smile and strife [Photo]
Poland: All NATO members should be covered by missile defense [World Reaction]
Putin's missile threat was "hypothetical" - Kremlin [Russia]
Turkish officials: Troops enter Iraq [Middle East]
Facts about Costa Rica [America]
"Vacas das Cordas" celebrations [Center]
US opposes fixing greenhouse gas cuts at G8 [Europe]
China: US missile defense plan may cause weapon proliferation [Video]
Bush, Putin meet at G8 summit as tensions mount [Europe]
Teams mimic stem cells using skin cells [America]
Bush war adviser was skeptical on Iraq [America]
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