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Vice premier Huang Ju's remains cremated [National]
Chinese students wrap up visit in Japan [National]
Successful games start with volunteers [Center]
China calls for more testing of exports [National]
Reunification HK's most significant event [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Quake-stricken residents improvise as best they can [Regional]
Chinese health sharply declining [focus]
Officials drink tap water after algae-pollution [Regional]
Stocks rebound in wild fluctuation [Flash]
Chinese stocks post slight gains [Chinadaily.com.cn Exclusive]
Continuous drought plagues Sichuan [Photo]
US-Russia tensions, climate in focus as G8 meets [G8 Meeting]
Hu to attend G8 Summit, visit Sweden [Sweden Visit]
Girl gives up bag for doggy gang [Odd News]
Seminar marks 10th anniversary of HKSAR Basic Law [Photo]
China launches drive for food and drug safety [National]
China marks 10th anniversary of HKSAR Basic Law [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Key issues for G8 summit in Germany [Background]
Pension fund positive on stocks in long run [Stock Market]
China Eastern to sell stake to Temasek [National]
Lift framework collapse kills 7 in C. China [Regional]
Quake-hit students get counselling for exam [Regional]
Confidence urged in stock market [National]
Seminar marking 10-year-old HK Basic Law [Photo]
Dozens trapped after building collapses in Leshan [Regional]
Scientists: Oolong tea helps you lose weight [National]
Bird carcass suspected avian flu in Hong Kong [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Hong Kong raises live chicken quota for Festival [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
China is commited to reducing pollution [Video]
Bush in Prague at start of European trip [Video]
Climate change realities hitting G8 and China [G8 Meeting]
China's loans to Africa won't cause debt crisis [China at G8]
Five years of gradual progress for G8 on Africa, environment [Background]
Algae bloom prompts crackdown in China [Regional]
Shanghai siblings charged for fake health food scam [Regional]
China plan on global warming [Foreign Media on China]
Fudan claims genetic milestone [Regional]
Anchor helps skyscraper fight winds [Regional]
President Attends G8 Meeting [Special coverage]
China gets tough on Taihu Lake polluters [Regional]
Video: Polluted water killed 100,000 kg fish in Wuhan [Regional]
Police find 5 babies in stolen car in N. China province [Regional]
US-Russia clash shadows G8 summit [US, Russia Missile Defense Dispute]
1/4 of students fear to have HIV positive classmate [Regional]
Central banks warn of China economy risk [National]
Natural disasters kill 65 Chinese this year [National]
Wheat harvest [Photo]
College entrance exams make or break in China [National]
Disney steams into China with venture capital [Top News]
Amazon buys out China online shopping platform [National]
ZhongDe to float in Germany [Investment]
Dialogue yields tangible results-Paulson [Top News]
China approves equities funds [Stock Market]
US-Russia relations tense on eve of G8 summit [Background]
Major facts about G8 summit [Background]
Outreach sessions of G8 summit [Background]
Millions in Sichuan pray for rain [Regional]
Forests help absorb carbon dioxide [Regional]
Monopolies wages in the cross hairs [Regional]
Police vow to keep up fight against invoice counterfeiters [Regional]
Allegation denied [Regional]
Polluters barred from operating near lake [Regional]
Work starts on water plant in Shanghai [Regional]
Hebei prepares to handle oil spills [Regional]
Coca-Cola funds river conservation [National]
Environmentalists praise new plan [National]
SEPA: Pollution picture to brighten [National]
Leaders pay last respects to Huang [National]
US doesn't back Games boycott plan [National]
US Missile defense 'harms stability' [National]
Premier promises rapid response to quake [National]
FM: China committed to ACD goals [National]
Central bank mulls monetary policy [National]
Breakthrough on new energy source [National]
Water quality to be improved [National]
Disney steams into China with venture-capital firm [National]
Paulson says SED meeting with China yields tangible results [National]
Lu Yongxiang calls for closer cooperation with Russia [National]
Chinese company helps Kuwait to rebuild Boubyan Island [National]
Stock accounts shrink as market tumbles [National]
Top leaders pay respects to vice premier Huang [Photo]
Endangered China ibises lose taste for wild life [National]
Taihu lake crisis taints city image: official [Regional]
Officials order expo crowd to clap, have fun [Regional]
'French Spiderman' expelled from China [National]
China warns US may set off arms race [National]
Ministry slams quality of China's MP3 players [National]
Mammoth shark [Center]
China voices opposition to US missile shield [National]
Chinese stocks rebound in late-day rally [National]
How not to prevent a break-up [Odd News]
Be my guest, leave my house [Odd News]
Man throws big pig a birthday bash [Odd News]
Stressed parents "drug" children for exams [National]
China stocks rebound in wild fluctuation [National]
China holds largest exercise of oil spill control [Regional]
Oil spill drill tests emergency reaction [Photo]
Soldier death from bird flu confirmed [National]
Ma vows to end hostility with mainland [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
China to raise interest rates again - survey [National]
Lightning kills 5 migrant workers in S. China province [Regional]
China stocks fall 6%, extending loss [Chinadaily.com.cn Exclusive]
China shares volatile in early trade [National]
4 million short of drinking water in Sichuan [Regional]
China Exim Bank to issue yuan bonds in HK - paper [Investment]
Ministry warns of peak season of blue-ear pig disease [National]
Hu's visit sure to be fruitful: Swedish king [National]
Quake evacuees in stable condition [Photo]
Bush arrives in Europe for G8 Summit [Flash]
Pandas draw visitors at Tokyo exhibition [Regional]
Outbound investment to top US$60b by 2010 [National]
Pollution teaches the importance of elixir of life [National]
China: G8 summit is not a platform for exerting pressure [National]
Hu to enunciate propositions on climate change at G8 [National]
Germany in climate change dilemma ahead of G8 [G8 Meeting]
Bush heads to Europe for democracy agenda, G8 [G8 Meeting]
Putin, Abe to discuss territorial disputes at G8 [G8 Meeting]
CITIC Securities eyes US$2.5b public offer [Companies]
180,000 people displaced after SW China quake [Regional]
China defends its role in Africa ahead of G8 [National]
Disaster relief goods transported to needy victims [Photo]
Coal mine blast kills 13 in north China [Regional]
Western glaciers to disappear by 2100 [National]
Water crisis forces officials to do more [Regional]
UN praises China on climate [National]
A canopy of duckweed [Photo]
China bars new Internet cafes [National]
Thousands displaced by quake [Regional]
HIV infections up sharply among women in China [National]
China stocks tumble in record drop [National]
China unveils program on global warming [National]
More women suffer from HIV/AIDS in China [National]
Ministry: Pig-killing disease behind pork price rise [National]
Some 1,000 injured in anti-G8 protests [G8 Meeting]
Video: Yunnan earthquake kills 3 [Regional]
China's NPC delegation leaves for Russia visit [National]
HK police chief pledges safe celebrations of return [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Stock index dives over 8% June 4 [Flash]
Students ordered to dance into new semester [National]
2/3 Chinese OK on pre-marital sex [National]
Agency woos mainland firms to invest in HK [Cooperation]
Shanghai, HK seek closer cooperation [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
China sends 400 Mandarin teachers to Thailand [National]
Death toll in SW China truck accident at 13 [Regional]
Wen: China willing to promote ties with Venezuela [National]
NPC vice-chairman condemns wasteful use of energy [National]
China's Per capita milk consumption 5/1 of world average [National]
Top legislator speaks highly of Sino-Venezuelan ties [National]
China relaxes QFII rules for more foreign investment [National]
China to negotiate with EU on shoe trade [National]
China blitzed by meteorological disasters in 2006 [National]
Minister: China still plagued by excessive investment growth [National]
Yangtze River's water level continues to fall [Regional]
Venezuela to export 500,000 barrels of oil to China per day [National]
US$600m spent on free education for rural students [National]
US gov't donates US$250,000 to typhoon-hit areas [National]
China vows to deepen telecom cooperation with Spain [National]
Mainland strongly protests visit to Japan by 'Taiwan general' [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Typhoons leave 15m homeless, cause US$3.6b in losses [National]
Vice governor of E. China province removed from post [National]
Planned golf course in Peking University triggers debate [Regional]
Mild quake jolts Yunnan, 2 dead [Regional]
Chavez holds press conference in Beijing [Photo]
Transsexual not allowed to compete for Miss Shenzhen title [Odd News]
Amputated heroine stands again [Newsmaker]
To save face, hire a girlfriend! [Odd News]
U.S. airlines compete for China-U.S. flights [National]
Beijing tops list of per-capita monthly income in July [National]
China spruces up Tian'anmen Gate [National]
HK media notorious for privacy invasion [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Li to give third of $18bn wealth to charity [Newsmaker]
Moderate quake jolts Yunnan, killing 2 [Regional]
Wal-Mart China sees second Party branch [Regional]
Inventors need investment and IPR protection [National]
Kodak absent from public hearing provokes ire [Center]
Kodak absent from public hearing as customers express their anger [National]
Encephalitis kills 14 more in Henan [Regional]
Taiwan setting up group to negotiate expanded tourism [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Air China and Cathay blaze path for expansion [National]
Former reporter gets 3-year prison term [Regional]
China tells tour guides to rein in rude tourists [National]
Futures trade enhances oil price-fixing capacity [Regional]
Beijinger files lawsuit against Palace Museum [Regional]
Futures trade enhances fuel oil price fixing [National]
Anti-emergency exercise at Three Gorges Dam [Photo]
China ecological environment worsening [National]
Water level in largest fresh water lake drops sharply [National]
China, Kazakhstan hold joint anti-terrorism drill [Photo]
China strengthens civil aviation procedures [National]
China reports 11 pct annual growth of retail sales [National]
Students spend summer holiday trading faces [National]
People escape heat in Shanghai [Center]
PLA holds high-technolgy war exercise [National]
Minors face ban from Internet cafes [Top News]
Songhua tributary slick less severe than feared [Top News]
Traditional school gets short shrift from authorities [Top News]
Nation shores up maritime rescue system [Top News]
After death-by-banquet, auditors told to behave themselves [Top News]
Downtown Shenzhen to get HK train [Top News]
Search underway for Australian hiker in SW China mountain [Regional]
Efforts urged to curb energy consumption, pollution [National]
Asia Yoga Conference in HK [Photo]
Electronics company on fire in E. China city [Photo]
Strong quake in SW China kills 3, injures 290 [Regional]
China plans military hotline with US [National]
Algae on China lake improving but slick remains [Regional]
China to create jobs for zero-employment households [National]
US, China to set up defense hot line soon [National]
Happiness a stretch for some [Regional]
Defense budget true and authentic [National]
Hose down water problem: Experts [Regional]
Water scare a mixed blessing for businesses [Regional]
Nature's ingredients give bloom life [Regional]
Supermarkets divert bottled water supplies to Wuxi [Regional]
Local authorities, businesses urged to help create jobs [National]
UN chief praises China's role in Darfur [National]
Meet senior officials, enjoy Children's Day [National]
Updated standards in the pipeline [Regional]
Free checkups spark public outrage [Regional]
Officials ousted for luxurious buildings [National]
China ranks 60th on index of peace [National]
Water better, but not drinkable [National]
Chinese Vice Premier Huang Ju dies [National]
China orders weeding out of corrupt bank officials [National]
Hong Kong women more confident in a decade [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
National action plan on climate change [National]
Li Changchun: better art works needed for children [National]
Sanctions on Sudan will hurt peace efforts -China [National]
China to maintain minimum purchase price for wheat [National]
10 million sit two-day exam [National]
Private equity funds should be encouraged: banker [National]
China opposes US resolution on Darfur [National]
Auto exhibition attracts many in Chongqing [Center]
Jiaozi:Traditional Chinese food's modernization [Culture Charm]
Northeast Errenzhuan [Culture Charm]
Chinese PLA arrival [Video]
British Retreat [Video]
Old industrial base to get new life [New Industrial Parks on a Roll]
G8 will not agree numerical emissions target [G8 Meeting]
G8 first working session begins [News]
College entrance exams make or break [National]
Hong Kong Handover - Prince Charles' Speech [Video]
Hong Kong Handover - Jiang Zemin's speech [Video]
Hong Kong Handover - Flag ceremony [Video]
Hong Kong Handover - honor guards and leaders [Video]
New monistering system launched as Gaokao opens [National]
China stocks rise for 3rd day [Chinadaily.com.cn Exclusive]
China, Kazakhstan vow to boost energy cooperation [National]
G8 leaders start annual sessions, climate change dominates pre-summit talks [Video]
President in Germany for G8 outreach session [Video]
First solar-powered mobile phone developed in China [Top News]
Should "gaokao" be moved due to heat? [National]
College entrance exam kicks off [Photo]
High-school graduates smile all the way to Gaokao [Photo]
G8 summit opens in Germany [Photo]
China, US agree to deepen parliamentary exchanges [National]
China wants role of NGOs better defined [National]
Video: Hong Kong handover ceremony [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Mistress offers money to wife [Odd News]
Protests in Rostock continue before G8 summit [Video]
Move into high-value exports [Foreign Media on China]
Japanese, EU leaders urge half emissions by 2050 [Video]
Ex-Taiwanese leader Lee visits Tokyo war shrine [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Ambassador highlights China-Sweden ties [National]
Pork price drops, egg price keep rising [National]
No plan on capital gains tax yet, says report [Chinadaily.com.cn Exclusive]
US music man: China the next huge thing [National]
Shanghai to host Miss Bikini contest [Regional]
China committed to peaceful use of outer space [National]
20 hurt in building collapse in China [Regional]
Hostage-taker shot dead after long standoff in Shanghai [Regional]
Hong Kong property market picks up steam [Taiwan, HK, Macao]
Bush says Russia won't attack Europe [US, Russia Missile Defense Dispute]
Greater role for private-equity fund urged [National]
China, Costa Rica set up diplomatic ties [National]
A globalized summit [China at G8]
Schedule for G8 summit in Germany [G8 Meeting]
Environment, economy go together [China at G8]
Experts: G8 will add to China's global profile [China at G8]
Climate change runs into heavy weather [China at G8]
National strategic plan on IP soon [China at G8]
8 cops hurt in clash with protesters [G8 Meeting]
Hostage-taker shot dead after 7-hour standoff [Center]
MOH launches diabetes program [National]
People okay with premarital sex: Survey [National]
HK Basic Law 'guarantees democracy' [National]
Tighter checks to ensure export quality [National]
It is a big challenge to close small coal mines [National]
President in Germany for G8 meet [National]
Gaokao pioneers: Don't make a fuss [National]
Outreach sessions a regular feature [National]
Nation helps neighbors fight outbreak [National]
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